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Our Project 143 Orphan Hope Program Team


Founder & President

Tammy Cannon is the Founder & President of Project One Forty Three, Inc. Tammy and her husband Mike, married 24 years, are living testimony to the magic and miracles of Orphan Host Programs. They have two sons and a daughter, Alex, Iger and Kristine (ages 16,15 and 11). Yes, you guessed it, all were hosted and then adopted. You can read their story here. Alex and Iger were hosted and adopted from Russia in 2005 and 2009, while Kristine was hosted and adopted from Latvia in 2013. Tammy and Mike’s hosting experiences inspired them to try and find a way to do more for all the great kids that also desperately need the love of forever families. So in 2010, recognizing that with 143 million orphans in the world, there could simply never be enough people, organizations or effort working to solve the orphan epidemic, Project 143 was born. Please click on the image above to read more about Tammy Cannon...


Sr. Director, Program Operations

Angie grew up just outside of Atlanta in a beautiful, small rural town in the North Georgia Mountains called Ellijay. “God’s Country” they call it. She met her husband, Ed in high school, married him after college and now after 25 years of marriage they have 8 children; three biological, 2 adopted from Russia and 3 adopted from Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina. Their call to adopt came on the heels of 9-11 and since then their ministry focus became the fatherless. Angie has worked as a missionary for an orphanages in Mexico and Haiti and stateside on behalf of orphanages in Russia. They have hosted 5th seasons (10 children). Angie has written and published several magazine articles as well as a book about adoption entitled Small Miracles. Her faith and her family are the most important things to her. “There is no greater joy than standing up for the orphan and working with Project 143. Watching that door of HOPE open time and time again for each forgotten child is truly a blessing.


New Development & Communications Coordinator

No stranger to hosting, she’s spent the past 10 years advocating for orphans through host programs and mission trips. Along the way, she’s traveled to orphanages in China, Russia, Latvia, Ukraine and Cambodia. Michelle and her husband Jon have been married 18 years and live in Atlanta, Georgia. They have 4 adopted children; 3 sons and 1 daughter. (three through hosting and one through the US foster care system) Michelle's work for Project 143 in the areas of marketing, fundraising and program development are essential to the mission to bring greater awareness to the worldwide orphan epidemic that already has an easy CURE. Her focus will equip our P143 family with the tools needed to become better advocates for orphans.


Overseas Hope Program Coordinator

Latvia - Overseas HOPE Program Director Sintija is the Latvia - Overseas HOPE Program Director for P143. Sintija became involved with Project 143 in 2011, thinking that this would be a temporary job and that she would return to the hospitality field which was her previous career. Serving as a P143 chaperone for our Latvian Orphans, her heart was forever changed during her first host trip to US. “God put love and passion in my heart to fight for these precious children, and I realized I have huge desire to help those who are hopeless, vulnerable and need restoration and healing. It was easier to live for me before I found out stories of these children lives. But it really lifts me up and gives me a joy and encouragement when I see them after being hosted in dear American families- so confident, so shiny and happy! We usually bring back an entourage of Princesses and Princes! Even if some of them never get back to their bio families or do not get adopted, I believe these sown seeds in their hearts, during hosting, sooner or later bring fruits.”


Finance Coordinator

Ashlyn grew up just north of Atlanta, as the daughter of our Sr. Director, Angie. She is newly married and currently living just outside of Seoul, South Korea with her husband. Growing up in a large family with 5 adopted siblings, she was immersed into the world of hosting & adoption from a young age. Although she doesn’t have any of her own yet, Ashlyn has always had a love for children - and seeing her parents do the work they did has left a special place in her heart for orphans.


Latvia HOPE Program Director

Maureen brings years of hosting experience to Project 143. With a passion for the orphans of Latvia, Maureen began as a volunteer with Project 143 – helping new families navigate hosting and advocating for older orphans. She has traveled on multiple interview trips meeting the prospective host children and building relationships with orphanages.


Ukraine HOPE Program Director

Brandy is a veteran volunteer for Project 143, closing in on her 3rd year of volunteering. Brandy’s motivation for volunteering stems from their first host experience in winter 2012. She says, “P143 grew our family and I truly feel it’s necessary for our family to give back to P143 for that reason. Ultimately, this really is a calling to help kids.” Her family first learned of hosting through another P143 host family which led to them initially to signup as a host-only family. That first hosting experience was followed up with two Ukraine adoptions. Brandy and her husband Jeff have 5 children, Kostya (16), Vadym (16), Colby (14), Jake (13) and Ella (10). Her family lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


Ukraine Director of Administration

Beth, her husband Mike, and her two boys, Justin 11, and Luke 8, have had a passion for orphans for the past 6 years when hosting became an important part of their lives. They have hosted 8 children both from Latvia and Ukraine. After receiving so much joy that the hosting had to offer Beth decided in 2012 to take the lead role of Ukraine Hosting Coordinator for Project 143. Her passion continues to grow along with the program, and is geared especially to the older orphan, 10-16, in Ukraine, after realizing that these are the truly "forgotten" children. Her homeschooling family resides in New Jersey and loves to spend as much time as possible in Vermont, skiing and snowboarding. They are members of the Whiting Bible church and enjoy their church community, along with many other home school and community activities.

Tatyana Kochupalova

Overseas HOPE Program Coordinator

Tatyana’s past experience as an Orphanage Director and her experience working in the Kyiv Regional Administration as a Specialist in the Children’s Department makes her invaluable to our team. She will be the voice maintaining connections with orphanages, making arrangements and maintaining connections at all levels with the appropriate authorities. She also assists as the Lead P143 chaperone and translator for the host season. She currently lives in Kyiv along side her husband.


Chaperone Housing Coordinator

Joel lives in Colorado Springs with his wife of 25+ years, Ann, and their ten year old daughter Tabetha whom they adopted from China as baby. Joel grew up in rural Missouri, and although he dropped out of high school, he went on to get a Ph.D. in physics along with other degrees in applied math and chemical engineering. He now runs a small business developing and manufacturing analytical instrumentation with his partner and long-time friend from graduate school. Adopting Tabetha was a wonderful, life-changing experience for him, and he feels that helping orphans is one of the most important, meaningful things one can do in life. Joel is drawn to Project 143 because it gives these children a chance they might not otherwise have, gives children and families a chance to get to know each other to see if there is a good match, and even if they are not adopted they get to experience what a normal, constructive family life can be like. In what few spare moments he has outside of family, business, and supporting orphans or helping other children with math and physics, he enjoys hiking and playing bridge.


Kygyzstan HOPE Program Director

Stephanie is a homeschool mom of three boys ages 10, 7 and 3. 5 years. She and her husband, Tommy, are both active volunteers at their church and have been married for 9.5 years. They own a golden lab named Bocephus who is considered another member of the family. Some of Stephanie's favorite things to do are reading, watching fireworks, sitting around a bonfire and eating candied apples. Her desire to volunteer at P143 came not long after hosting a Latvian child during a summer program and was founded on her favorite Bible verse, James 1:27 which calls us to care for orphans. "I truly feel that this is the best chance for these older kids to know God loves them and to potentially find a family," Stephanie says. There is no clearer evidence that she believes in what she is doing than the life commitment she has made toward this work as she has been researching adoption and orphan care since she was in middle school.


Mexico - HOPE Program Director

As a former host parent, Julie saw the benefit of the host program and how it allows a family to impact the life of orphans around the world for the better. She and her daughters have now hosted twice. Now volunteering at P143 no one could have more passion for helping children than Julie. She is a single mom to 3 beautiful Guatemalan princesses and her family lives in Michigan. She has participated in mission trips to Guatemala and Africa to study orphan care.


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