968996_480759802009449_507208945_nProject 143 exists solely because of the passion, caring and single-minded devotion of our volunteers. While everyone’s background and experience may be different, all share a single-minded focus on trying to help ONE more orphan child.
There are so many ways to help!

The Project 143 Orphan Hope Program now regularly exceeds 175 children per host season. The work to identify, interview, promote, place, transport, chaperone, report, manage, return, report and start all again for 175+ children per host season is considerable to put it mildly. There’s always a need and always room for another able bodied, single minded person to join the crusade. And a crusade it is. But, seeing their faces or simply reading the inspiring stories makes it all worth it. Everytime.

So, if you have a heart for orphan children and a willingness to really roll up your sleeves and do some life changing work, we would love to have you on our team. Please contact us here.  Also, you can fill out our Project 143 Volunteer Application below:

Project 143 Volunteer Application- Apply Here