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Why host with us

Most orphans have never taken part in a vacation, shared in a game of catch with dad or gotten “made-up” with mom, much less experienced the life-giving love of being connected to a family.  What can 4 to 8 weeks spent in your family mean to these kids?  HOPE. 

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Project 143 offers two host seasons: one in the summer and one in the winter. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!


Your donations get kids hosted! It will literally change the life of an orphan that just needs a chance. Your donation will help us get a sibling group or older child hosted that would otherwise have little to no chance.


Practical, real-life advice from front line orphan care experts and adoptive parents on how you can make a real difference for children in need around the world and in your own home.

They Say

Hear it from Host Families

Hosting makes a real difference!

Not just “feed a child for a month” difference, but “I have a host mom and host dad that care about me" difference.

Trammell family

Hosting made our family stronger. It forced us to use "muscles" we didn't know we had.

Warren family

Hosting opened our eyes to older orphans. We learned about our children’s lives, their culture and how badly they needed a chance.

erickson family

What You’ll Give by Hosting an Orphan


Why host with us

By simply opening your home this summer or winter and sharing some love and encouragement to a child who needs it more than you will ever be able to imagine, you will simply be amazed at the miracles that happen. Some of these children have never had or were too little to remember a normal family life.  You can help change that!  You show them what a loving family is all about, to be loved and cared for without conditions.  You help them learn English, introduce them to our culture, immerse them into an atmosphere of happiness. Adoption is sometimes the by-product of the program, but not the goal. Adoption related interests should be directed to a Hague accredited agency, as P143 is NOT an adoption agency.

  • Unconditional Love
  • Connection to a Family
  • Happy Memories
  • Help them Learn English
  • Learn about a different Culture
  • HOPE

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