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Project 143 offers two host seasons in the summer and winter. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!


Your donation will literally change the life of an orphan that just needs a chance. Your donation will help us get a sibling group or older child hosted that would otherwise have little to no chance.


Practical, real life advice from front line orphan care experts and adoptive parents on how you can make a real difference for children in need around the world and in your own home.


Hosting is inviting an orphan child to live in your home and experience your family for 4-8 weeks over the summer or winter holidays.  It's a Mission Trip in your own home. Project One Forty Three (P143), runs the Project 143 Orphan Hope Program.   Read more...

Your donations and gifts Change lives!

Your donations and gifts change orphaned kids lives!

Please help us give these children some HOPE, encouragement and support in their lives.  Each $2,950 -$3,250 donated to Project 143 represents a child's life. That's what it costs to change an orphans life, by bringing them to America to live with a Host Mom and Host Dad for 4 to 8 weeks during either the summer or winter seasons. How can hosting a child save their lives? Read any of these miraculous real life stories here and you will be left with no doubt.

One of the greatest challenges we face isn't a sufficient number of loving families willing to open their homes to these children for 4 - 8 weeks, it's just the costs of transportation and logistics. We have a large number of incredible families that will enthusiastically host more than one child or siblings at a time, but simply need some financial assistance with the expenses to get the children to and from their homes. Your donation or host grant can mean the difference between a child getting to come on the Host (HOPE) trip or being left behind.

If you're having trouble deciding on a GIFT for a loved one or even yourself...why not give the gift of HOSTING! You simply will be astounded at how this gift just keeps giving.

Please GIVE here.

Project 143 Orphan Hope Program changes lives!

Through Project 143's Orphan Host (HOPE) Program, you can change an orphan's life forever by simply inviting them into your home to share in your family values, traditions, and unconditional love. All you need is a desire to show a child their worth, increase their confidence and show a kindness they have rarely seen. Host families simply need to provide a child hope for his/her future. For more information regarding the Project 143 Host (Hope) Program click here.

Help P143 Just by Shopping!


Shop at smile.amazon.com and select Project One Forty Three, Inc as your charity. The entire Amazon shopping experience is identical, except Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of eligible AmazonSmile purchases to P143.



Use www.goodsearch.com for all of your search activities and they will provide P143 with a portion of the fees derived on our behalf.

P143 Merch

Last, buy and wear P143 T-Shirts and other accessories. Not only will the proceeds from your purchases assist in many more orphans leaving their orphanages for a summer or winter visit to America, by wearing and using P143 products you are advocating on their behalf.

You Can Help Another Family Host a Child

Project One Forty Three, Inc., (Project 143) sponsors have the opportunity to make a life changing difference for specific orphans. By choosing a child from the photolisting, sponsors ensure the participation of personally selected children in the upcoming Project 143 Orphan Host (HOPE) Program.

Sometimes sponsors ask us to assign their gift to children with the greatest need of assistance. Sometimes this is with a sibling set where we have a wonderful willing host family that is only limited by the additional host fees for the second, third or even fourth child. Other times, we know of a great kid with some extra special requirements that require some additional expenses. We wish that host programs could be free, but unfortunately there are real expenses in transporting, chaperoning and managing the the children from one country to another. Sponsor host grants literally mean the difference between yes and no, for the participation of some children in the host program. If you want to know the specific child whose life you are likely changing forever, become a Project 143 Sponsor today! Click here.

Help with your Time and Talent

Project 143 exists solely because of the passion, caring and single-minded devotion of our volunteers. While everyone's background and experience may be different, all share a single-minded focus on trying to save ONE more child.

There are so many ways to help!

The Project 143 Host (HOPE) Program now regularly exceeds 175 children per host season. The work to identify, interview, promote, place, transport, chaperone, report, manage, return, report and start all again for 175+ children per host season is considerable to put it mildly. There is always a need and always room for another able bodied, single minded person to join the crusade. And a crusade it is. But, seeing their faces or simply reading the inspiring stories makes it all worth it. Everytime.

So, if you have a heart for these children and a willingness to really roll up your sleeves and do some life changing work, we would love to have you on our team. Please contact us here. Also, you can fill out our Project 143 Volunteer Application below:

Please pray for Project 143, and the 143 million orphans

Please pray for Project OneFortyThree and the execution of our mission, for our incredible host families, for those families taking the next step as forever families for an orphan child - and of course for the children that for whatever reason have not been 'found' or united with a forever family.

Dear Heavenly Father,
We ask that you would bless Project OneFortyThree, its leaders, volunteers, host families and all the children they serve. Please inspire the leaders, volunteers and host families to do your bidding, to work dutifully in a way that honors you and always puts your plan for the children and the children's welfare above anything else. Lord, please use us as your instrument to help all we serve to know you and feel your love.

One that pleads the cause of another

Spread the word about the Orphan Crisis and Hosting "Cure" by posting to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram or Emailing your friends, family, community groups and co-workers about these great kids; who are just 'waiting' for the chance to be part of a family. Take every opportunity you can find to encourage people to just consider hosting a child for a summer or winter break. It is as simple as sharing these inspiring stories, to start a miracle producing chain reaction. Make advocating for these kids a regular part of your life.

Share and Promote the Cure to the Orphan Crisis - Hosting

One of the easiest but most important things you can do to support orphaned children is to simply SHARE and PROMOTE the CURE for the the worlds biggest but most easily solved crisis -- the Orphan Crisis.

So few people are even aware that the number of orphaned children in the world -- living with no family love or support -- exceeds all major diseases COMBINED!!! And, we have a relatively inexpensive cure!!! $2,950 - $3,250 can literally be the cure and salvation of a wonderful child, no different than one of your children, a niece a nephew or next door neighbor.

So help bring awareness to this totally curable problem - by Posting, Tweeting, Liking, +1 ing, - I support Project 143 Orphan Host Program for ridding the world of the biggest but most easily cured problem - Orphan!

The power of the pen

Writing, sharing and connecting can be the difference maker in the life of an orphan. Just knowing that someone else cares enough to listen and share with them can give them a true sense of belonging and connection. For a child who has in many cases lost all the connections that most of us take for granted, these words can be nurturing, sustaining and inspiring. And if you happen to be especially gifted with prose, writing for grants and other corporate assistance is a never ending challenge and opportunity. For some the notion that corporations and orphans share anything in common seems very foreign. However, the cold reality is that for every $2950 raised, another child's life may be saved. Speaking the language of business and corporations is a vital ingredient to our cause.