Purposeful Orphan Hosting

Heather Martin

Hosting Winter 2015

Being fresh off a hosting experience, I’d like to chronicle what I noticed. Right off the bat, people were in awe and eager to celebrate us by putting us on a pedestal. This was both good and not good. Good because, for a moment, an orphan was given the stage! No longer is she sitting alone in the darkness, a community finally saw her meager existence among the 143+ million others. She finally existed in the minds of people beyond orphanage walls. For this moment, a curious community could be the means of her chance to escape. So, we’re thankful for the stage for her benefit. Hearts are stirred, God provides an opportunity to love in action. Let’s flip the switch! We shouldn’t be on a pedestal; we are no better than any onlookers. I kept hearing how “wonderful” we were. Let me come clean, we are not, we are humans who want to push the easy button. The only reason we accomplished a month of hosting was because GOD purposed it. I want to be REAL, not celebrated. Supported and encouraged is necessary, but hosting isn’t about being a perfect family. A perfect God enables imperfect people on this journey. He allows us to be stretched, uncomfortable, tired, numb. He allows us to take part even when He knows we won’t do it 100% like He says we should, because we can’t. Why do we fence ourselves into comfort? Why are we happy to splash in puddles when there is an ocean to enjoy? Abraham did not do this. Noah did not do this. We are forfeiting our blessings. The Lord opened our eyes to the stark difference between the manger and our American Christmas. If you are praying for the opportunity to be missional this Christmas, hosting might be purposed for your family.