Safe House

“In You the orphan finds mercy.”

Hosea 14:3



By Angie Stolz

I had always heard the term safe house. Obviously it meant a house that is safe. That seemed surreal to me. I could never a situation where I’d need rely on strangers just to remain safe. Surreal became real last year in Haiti while on a mission trip. Quarantined to the orphanage, the threat of danger was all around us. Rioting had begun and streets were blocked. We had gone to take provisions and hope and there we were, helpless, dependent on others. Advised to leave the orphanage earlier than planned, we gathered our things and left, finally seeing for ourselves the fires, debris and armored men. Detours through the jungle, over tiny ledges, hugging hills, bridges out, stopping for no one, whisked away to a safe house. Gates, iron bars covering doors and windows, we could not leave because of the rioting. We knew no one at the home, didn’t speak the language, but they were kind and provided us with a place to bathe, eat and sleep. We were never more thankful but we had so many questions about our future. Truth is, that safe house is a lot like a host home. Is your door open to someone far from home, who need refuge, a safe haven and protection? Like us, a host child may not show immediate joy on his or her face, they may be scared and confused. You can be sure, host family, you are the safe house that is needed this Christmas.