Thank you for Supporting Project 143 in our Mission to Bring Hope to Orphans! Your Gift Matters. Your Donations Truly Change Orphan's Lives!

Your hosting donations pay for travel, insurance, visas and chaperone travel costs. Your recurring and one-time donations allow us to offer "host grants" for sets of siblings, older children, and children with special needs, who otherwise would not be hosted. Each donation of any size truly makes the difference for many children being able to participate in the HOPE Program. Donate today.

Orphan Donations
Orphan Donations

Host Families:  If paying via PayPal, donate using the HOSTING DONATION button. Submit your DEPOSIT in the AMOUNT of $515 if hosting one child, $1030 if hosting two children, $1545 if hosting 3 children. (This covers the 3% PayPal processing fees). All donations (except deposits) can also be sent by check to P.O. Box 786, Rhome, Texas 76078 with no additional PayPal fees.  (Please note: Deposits MUST be made online)

We are immensely grateful for your decision to support Project 143 in our mission to provide hope and assistance to orphaned children around the world. Your donations make it possible for us to continue our work, which includes providing critical resources and services to children who need them most. We know that we can't save all of the 143+ million orphans in the world, but with your help we can KNOW we can always save ONE more!

How Donations are Used

When you donate to Project 143, your gift is used in a variety of ways to support our programs and critical needs, including: 

  • HOPE Grants: We wish that our Orphan HOPE Programs could be free, but unfortunately there are real costs to managing and transporting children around the world. Funding HOPE Grants is what makes it possible for many host families to participate in our program by offsetting some of the program costs. When you donate you help fund HOPE Grants which are used to offset the expenses for hosting a child. This dramatically increases the chances for us to get more orphan children hosted.
  • Adoption Sponsorship: We're not an adoption agency, but we like to support families once they begin the adoption process, which can be very expensive. Adoption can be an expensive undertaking, and we're proud to be able to offer assistance to families who are working hard to provide a loving home to a child in need. We are grateful to Before 16 for their great work in this area.
  • Other Expenses: When you donate, we use some funds for orphanage needs, upcoming interview trips and various operating expenses.  For example, during times of crisis, such as 2022 when Russia went to war with Ukraine, we provided critical funding for the orphanages and helped relocate children to safer countries like Poland, Italy, and Switzerland. Your donations also provided much-needed resources like food, clothing, and computers to help children continue their education even in the midst of chaos. Your support helps us continue to provide vital assistance to orphans in need, no matter where they are in the world.

Donate By Check: If you prefer to mail a check, please make your check payable to Project One Forty Three Inc. Mail your donation to P.O. Box 786 Rhome, TX 76078 For FedEx or UPS: 1220 County Road 4651 Rhome, TX 76078

If giving to a specific child, family or cause, please note this in the memo section.  Also please include your email address as this is where your donation receipt will be sent to you upon processing your gift.

Project One Forty Three, Inc., (Project 143) is a 501(c)3 organization - EIN: 27-1345034

Individual donations of $50 or more and yearly donations totaling $250 or more will receive a tax-deductible receipt.


Gifts in Kind

In-kind donations, surplus goods and services are also welcome. Please contact us if you feel an in-kind donation would benefit our Host (HOPE) Program.


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