Project One Forty Three ( has been operating the P143 Orphan HOPE Program for over five years and has helped get over 1200 orphan children from countries around the world like Latvia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan get matched up with American families for a truly life changing 4 to 5 week hosting experience.  P143 runs the Orphan HOPE Program twice per year to coincide with most summer and winter breaks.  The results have been miraculous.  First and foremost, the orphan kids get loved and cared for, which is rare to non-existent for them.  And though not the primary goal, well over half of these kids go on to find their forever family, that if not for hosting, would never have even known that they existed.

So, if you really want to change the world today…here’s your chance.  Just visit and Register – then mark down this day on your calendar as the day you really changed the world!