P143 Hope Program Application

While it may look a little intimidating, we promise the paperwork is not as daunting as it seems at first glance. As you would expect, because there are children involved, we must be thorough to satisfy many requirements of our partner countries. Hosting is worth it – we promise.

HOPE Family Photolisting Registration

If you have not yet registered to view the photolisting, click the link below to complete our easy online registration. Once complete, you will be provided a special password to unlock access to the photolisting of the children available to be hosted in the upcoming Project 143 Orphan HOPE Program.   You don’t need to register more than once to view it, just bookmark the photolisting.

PLEASE NOTE: Completion of the Registration does not obligate you to host.

Project 143 Orphan HOPE Program Applications & Required Paperwork

There are differing paperwork requirements for each country of origin. If you have already spoken to a Project 143 Representative and have selected a child or children to host, begin the Project 143 Orphan HOPE Program Application process for your chosen host country.

Choose your host country below:





(Summer 2019 Backup Family ONLY)

Step 1 – All countries

Step 2 – All Countries

Step 3 – All Countries

Step 4 (Latvia Only)

Step 5 – All Countries

Step 6 – (Latvia and Ukraine Only)

Step 6 – (Colombia Only)