P143 Orphan Hope Program Application

Yikes.  Yes it does look a little intimidating, but we promise the paperwork is not as daunting as it seems at first glance.  As we are sure you understand, there are precious children involved, so we have to “handle with care”.  It’s so worth it, and absolutely life changing- we promise.  And we are only an email or phone call away anytime you need some help filling something out. Just click here for contact info. So let’s get started.

 HOPE Family Registration

If you have already registered to see the photolisting, skip this step and move down to Project 143 Orphan HOPE Program Application.

If you have not yet Registered to view the Orphan Children’s Photolisting, just click the link below and fill out the online Registration.  Once complete, you will be provided a special password to unlock access to the Photolisting of the current children available to be hosted in the upcoming Project 143 Orphan HOPE Program.   You don’t need to register more than once to view the photolisting.

PLEASE NOTE: Completion of the Registration does not obligate you to host.

Project 143 Orphan HOPE Program Application & Required Paperwork

Please identify the country of origin of the child you wish to host and speak to a Project 143 Representative to inquire about  availability and also receive some additional information about the child that was not provided on the photolisting.  You can reach the appropriate Project 143 representative by clicking here.

If you have already spoken to a Project 143 Representative and have selected a child or children to host, and completed your deposit, please begin the 8 step Project 143 Orphan HOPE Program process for hosting listed just below.

*Note 1: Selection of a child is not required in order to complete the application to host.  If you are unsure of a child/country, please complete the paperwork for Latvia.

**Note 2: When making deposits and host donations via PayPal, please add 3% to your payment to cover the PayPal fees.  You can also make your donation by check by sending it to P143, 2546 Wynterbrook Drive, Highlands Ranch CO 80126.

NEW HOST FAMILY Paperwork: There are 8 EASY STEPS that must be completed in order to host your child. Please begin with STEP ONE, complete the application. STEPS are time sensitive and MUST be completed within 30 days of making your host deposit. We suggest printing steps 1 to 6 at one time (total of 18 pages) and placing them in a folder so you can easily see which ones you have completed. Steps 7 and 8 require online completion. 

For paperwork assistance please contact your assigned P143 FAMILY COACH

Complete Project 143’s Application & Required Paperwork online clicking on the appropriate documents below, save and forward to the specified email or address listed on each document.

Congratulations! You’re all done! Please notify your Family Coach that your paperwork is complete then prepare for all the fun you will have this upcoming host season with your host child(ren)!

RE-HOST FAMILY Paperwork: If you are a rehost family and your documents will be less than 12 months old at the time of hosting, complete steps ONE, THREE, FOUR (Latvia only), SEVEN and EIGHT. If your documents will be over 12 months old at the time of hosting, you must complete ALL steps from the beginning. (Use above links)

    • STEP ONE: APPLICATION-all countries
    • STEP TWO: Hosting Agreements
    • STEP THREE: INTENT TO RETURN-all countries

HOST (HOPE) FAMILY TRAINING Registration: Training Required Once A Year

Yes, we know you are excited and have dozens and dozens of questions, but good news…we’ve gotcha covered.  Project 143’s HOPE Family Training will answer all your questions and probably a bunch you didn’t even think about. While there is never a substitute for common sense, having literally hundreds of years of experience on just about every possible topic is such a blessing and incredible help in making sure you are prepared for your host child. We welcome the Host Family veterans to participate, but it’s required for families who have not previously hosted with Project 143.  We have never had a session where even veterans didn’t learn something useful. You are about to embark on a life changing experience, both for your family as well as your host child(ren). As a participant in our program, families (BOTH PARENTS) who have not hosted with us before are REQUIRED to participate in our training class; conducted online and via a conference bridge. To accommodate schedules, regions and time zones, we will conduct 3-4 classes per season.  An email will be sent to all host families providing you with all the details to sign up for a training class. Thank you again for your participation!