Kinnon Family, New Hampshire

I can’t really say how hosting changed our family for the better because I feel like we had a great thing going as a family even before we decided to host. Hosting brought a beautiful, sweet 15 year old girl from Latvia into our lives and our hearts. The disheveled, nervous girl that got off the airplane stole our hearts immediately. She quickly became close with our children and they welcomed her as a sister. As a family, we did things that we hadn’t done in years, things as simple as playing games together. We would do that with our other children when they were younger, but “game night” had given way to watching TV. Checkers were setup the entire hosting period and Kristine usually won! Before she came, we felt our family was full. We felt quickly that Kristine should have always been here. We couldn’t imagine our family without her. I realize hosting may not be for everyone and you may not think it’s for you. We didn’t realize it was for us until we saw a photo on Facebook. We didn’t know what to expect but thought, ‘it’s only four weeks, we can do four weeks.’ What a wonderful four weeks. Hosting was definitely a life enhancing experience and we recommend for everyone to consider hosting. Even a few weeks in a loving home can change a child’s life and your life forever.

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