Lash Family, Illinois

Both my wife and I are physically challenged, as we have two separate forms of dwarfism. We were a little apprehensive, at first, to take on the challenge of hosting a child. However, Diana’s time here exceeded our expectations. Diana fit well in our household. We enjoyed teaching her new things and helping her explore. It was a great opportunity to show Diana what it’s like to be in an environment that was accessible to her wheelchair. She navigated well with the low counters; she even prepared her own food at times and used the microwave every morning to make her hot cocoa. The low sinks gave her the opportunity to wash her hands without any assistance. We provided her with a low bed, which she easily managed. Being able to get in and out of the house via the ramp was something she seemed happy to do herself. Since we have a van with an electronic lift, she could get into the van easily. All this accessibility gave her the independence to be a normal 12 year old child. By staying with us and observing how we navigated life, in spite of our disability, hope was given to Diana that anything was possible for her. She was well loved by everyone she met and that made her feel so very special. All she needs is an opportunity to be in an environment that allows for her potential. We know that the love we feel for Diana would give her the opportunity to do just that.

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