Founder & President

Tammy Cannon is the Founder & President of Project One Forty Three, Inc.  Tammy and her husband Mike, married 30 years, are living testimony to the magic and miracles of  Orphan Host Programs.   They have two sons and a daughter, Alex, Iger and Kristine.  Yes, you guessed it, all were hosted and then adopted.  You can read their story here.  Alex and Iger were hosted and adopted from Russia in 2005 and 2009, while Kristine was hosted and adopted from Latvia in 2013.  Tammy and Mike’s hosting experiences inspired them to try and find a way to do more for all the great kids that also desperately need the love of forever families.  So in 2010, recognizing that with 143 million orphans in the world, there could simply never be enough people, organizations or effort working to solve the orphan epidemic, Project 143 was born.  The mission and guiding principle was simple – HELP ONE!  If we could help just ONE CHILD find a family our efforts would be justified.  Capitalizing on a successful and distinguished career spent in customer service and support, from front line commando to the executive suite, Tammy’s goal with Project 143 is to demystify, simplify and promote orphan hosting.  Because the orphan crisis and hosting orphan children remains a poorly understood, non-publicized problem, Project 143 hopes that it can bring greater attention and understanding to the crisis much as the  “Pink Ribbon” campaign has done for breast cancer awareness.  And because hosting an orphan child is a pretty big step outside of the comfort zone and into the unknown for most people, Project 143 aspires to bring a little “Disney” to the process reshaping the customer experience from foreign and strange to safe and comfortable.  Project 143 wants to be a force in promoting hosting as a monumental step in wiping out the orphan crisis. In addition to her leadership of Project 143, Tammy has had a distinguished executive career, previously serving as VP of Business Transformation for Cricket Communications, (which was purchased by AT&T), VP of National Accounts for Verisign and VP of Client Services for H.O. Systems (purchased by Verisign).   Tammy shares, “P143 is so blessed to have a wonderful family of volunteers. Without them, we could not continue the work that we are all so passionate about – saving orphan children – ONE at a time.”

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