Please download and open each document below by clicking or tapping the links.  After completely filling out each document, save and forward them to the specified email or address listed on each document.

Colombia New Host Family: Paperwork MUST be completed within 21 days of making your initial host deposit. We suggest printing the "to do" list so you can easily mark which ones you have completed. 

For paperwork assistance please contact [email protected]

You can make your host donation deposit and payments by clicking here , Submit your DEPOSIT in the AMOUNT OF $257.50 if hosting one child, $515 if hosting two children, $772.50 if hosting three children.  These amounts cover the 3% PayPal processing fee.  If you wish to avoid the additional 3% associated with online donations, you can mail your donation to Project 143, 2546 Wynterbrook Drive, Highlands Ranch CO 80126. (Please note: Deposits MUST be made online.)

Congratulations, you're all done with the paperwork process! Now, sit back and prepare for all the fun you will have this upcoming host season with your host child(ren)!