Our Friends

Project 143 is blessed with exceptional organizations as friends. We are grateful for their continued support and confidence.

CCAI Adoption Services


Every child deserves a loving home and  family!  CCAI’s mission since 1992 has been to find caring parents and loving homes for as many orphaned and abandoned children as possible. Recognized as a highly respected leader in adoption and a Hague-accredited agency, CCAI is well-known for its rich professional experience in China, Haiti, Latvia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Taiwan, and Colombia adoptions, as well as for its trusted reputation for  financial integrity and affordability. In 2020, CCAI celebrated 28 years of service and over 13,000 adoptions!  As one of the largest international adoption agencies in the US, CCAI’s professional and caring staff serves families in all 50 states and abroad.




Before 16 is a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation built to care for orphans. They strive to get these children hosted by a family who is either considering adoption or will advocate for adoption. Their hope is that the hosting process can provide the avenue to find a loving family for each child. They are dedicated to rescuing as many orphans as possible before they turn 16 years old and age out of the system.


Casa de la Madre


We are a non-profit organization, founded seventy-five years ago by Maria Lopez Michelsen, who had the vision to join parents who were looking for the love of a son or a daughter, with children in abandonment, who, in turn, were looking for a loving home. We ensure the right to life, through our pregnant mothers who have decided to give up their child for adoption, as the best alternative to grant their children the future they cannot offer them. We also provide protection to minors during the process of restoration of some of their fundamental rights, such as health, education, nutrition and physical and social development. Mrs. Maria Lopez Michelsen was deeply moved in 1942 when, working as a volunteer at San José Hospital, became aware of the sad future of the abandoned children in Colombia. They were placed on the hands of Welfare until they became of age. It was then, when she founded the first adoption institution in Colombia, who has offered the right to grow up in a family to more than 8,000 children.



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