Criminal Activity Hurts Orphans and Orphan Hosting in Kyrgyzstan

Though the language translation from Kryg to English in the article attached isn’t perfect, the story of lies, deception and cold calculated greed in the world of orphan children, hosting and adoptions is a tragic refrain.  Unfortunately this isn’t a fictional script for a new Hollywood crime thriller, this story is all too real, where the despicable actions of a small number of miscreants has caused (is causing) irreparable  harm to the lives of the very children they were supposed to be protecting.  This story of deceit and greed broke wide open when a lengthy video was published to Youtube of two woman discussing their corrupt bribery and payoff plans on how to control and maneuver orphan children in Kyrgyzstan for their own profit.  The video is over 30 minutes in length with a very clear recording of the two conspirators discussing in exacting details how they expect financial payoffs and will move children within the orphanage system for their own economic benefit.  The details revealed in this video are heart breaking for the children, host families and team at Project 143 (P143), but the video provides overwhelming evidence of the nefarious activities that had been suspected for over a year.  In short, P143’s highly successful orphan hosting program was totally undermined,  disrupted and ultimately suspended due to completely false and slanderous lies by the very people in this video caught detailing their illegal actions.  Equally remarkable is the fact that the very person committing these illegal acts accused P143 and their Kryg sponsor of the very illegal acts that she was spearheading.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Since this video emerged, a more wide sweeping investigation is reported to be underway and it has been reported that there have been some initial firings and job reassignments.  Details about the depth of the investigation are not easy to come by and to date no official representative has reported on the future of hosting or adoptions in Kyrgyzstan.  Naturally, everyone at P143 is praying for thorough and just investigation that will bring prosecution to the criminals and more importantly, bring hope to the children and host families that have been impacted.

Kyrgyzstan News Story Detailing Investigation into Criminal Activity in Child Services