Stolz Family, Georgia

We cling to the memories of hosting; they keep our hearts alive with love.  The love we felt in such a short amount of time was real.  We truly didn’t know what kind of expectations to have upon meeting our two host sisters.  Upon their arrival at the airport, we settled in our minds that even though we were eager to meet them, they may be reserved, reluctant and possibly scared to meet us.  We held our posters with their pictures hoping they would recognize us out of the other waiting host families.  We spotted them in the group.  Tentatively, I waved.  What joy to see their faces light up with beautiful smiles as they eagerly waved back.  Before the Project 143 team could  even match us with the children, our girls had already pushed their way to the front, pointing to us excitedly.  They ran to us and hugged us tightly, embracing us as if their lives depended on it.  There was no question in our minds, within those first moments; we had done the right thing.  God was in it and our hearts knew it.  Many memories I hold close to my heart, the girls breaking out into song, eager to please attitudes, long hugs, running in our field with our dogs, laughter, dancing, worshiping together, the list goes on and on.  Sometimes we spend our whole life not doing something because of fear.  What were we ever afraid of?  Our lives changed when we totally gave over our reservations and trusted God.  Once we let go, we were blessed beyond measure.

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