Waller Family Adoption Story

God works in such amazing ways.  The Waller Family adoption story is both inspiring and encouraging to anyone wrestling with a calling on their heart to help these forgotten children.

“Orphan” Music Video by John Waller

Inspired by the Waller’s adoption story. The little girl in this video is actually our adopted daughter, Anna playing herself. I had my sister and brother in law step in to portray Josee and I. Please share this video and download “Life is a Gift”, my new album on iTunes which includes this song and many other great songs to encourage you on your life’s journey.

Adoptions of older children and teens are often called “rescues” because kids “age-out” at 16 years-old. They’re usually left homeless on the street and may become addicted to drugs and/or involved in the sex trade. You can make a real difference right now! Learn more at P143.org and please share this video with family and friends! You’ll help spread the word about these forgotten children and maybe even save a life!

John Waller's Music Video - "Orphan"

"Orphan" by John Waller