Warren Family, Tennessee

Hosting made our family stronger.  It forced us to use muscles we didn’t know we had.  It made me a better father, especially in the difficult moments.  In our first hosting experience, I refused to feel anger or bitterness towards our host child or her situation.  Instead, I realized I was fighting for her and not against her.  Fatherlessness, like slavery, is not a yoke easily broken and we should not expect the path to freedom for these children to be easy.  We must suit up for battle and recognize that the enemy is fear and not the child.  Do not fear!  You will be surprised at who supports you and you will be completely proud of yourself for what you’ve done.  A few weeks really can make a difference in a child’s life.  They begin to trust, gain a sense of belonging and identity, and to love.  They will begin to adopt your family’s culture and prefer it.  It will be, at the very least, a trip of a lifetime and a taste of God’s goodness.

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