What is Orphan Hosting?

Project 143's Orphan HOPE Program is inviting an orphan child to live in your home and experience your family for 4-6 weeks over the summer or winter holidays. Orphan hosting is a mission trip in your own home. Host families have the opportunity to share their values, beliefs and culture as well as learn something new from their host child. Hosting is ideal for families with a heart for the 143+ million orphans worldwide.

The orphans available for hosting are chosen by our team, who meet each child in person.  Project 143 has a special emphasis on hosting older children, children with special needs and sibling sets, as these kids are often the most forgotten or overlooked. Host children range in age from 6-16 and each host family is matched with the child(ren) that fits best with their family dynamic after viewing the children’s photos, (videos in some cases) and reading their biographies online. You don't have to be interested in adoption to participate in hosting a child.  The focus of the host program is cultural exchange and exposing the children to family life outside an orphanage.  Adoption is sometimes the by-product of the program, but not the goal. Adoption related interests should be directed to a Hague Accredited agency as P143 is NOT an adoption agency. Project 143 does not facilitate adoptions in any way.

Project 143 changes the lives of orphan children by providing them an experience that changes them forever - life inside a family. 

This experience changes the lives of host families, too. There's nothing more nourishing to the soul, than the experience of giving a child... HOPE. Your family will feel more blessed than you ever imagined after hosting an orphan child.

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