Orphans - The Sad Facts


If "orphan" were a disease it would be considered a worldwide epidemic.

Around the world, there are an overwhelming 143 million+ orphan children either in orphanages, foster care or roaming the streets. To give some perspective to the enormity of this number and crisis, this is greater than the entire population of Russia.  Amazingly, using 2020 statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) if "orphan" were classified as a "leading cause of death" or "disease" (it is NOT) it would be greater than all other classified "leading causes of death" and "diseases" combined.

Worldwide Epidemic with a Simple and Available Cure

It is a staggering crisis that too few people even realize exists.  Perhaps the saddest thing about this epidemic is that it doesn't need years of research to find a cure - it ALREADY has a cure - called adoption!  All that is required is for families to open their doors to a child in need.

Most of these children have never had loving parents to just tuck them in at night, share a game of catch, go on a family vacation or even receive a warm embrace.  Most importantly these children never realize the feeling of belonging and self worth that comes with being part of a nurturing family.  

Unfortunately, many of the children are older than six years old, and with each passing year, they are less likely to be adopted.  Thus, they will eventually "age out" of the system, never experiencing the life changing, love that a family provides.  The sad facts are that most of the children that "age out" will struggle to survive with no support network, many turning to lives of drugs, violence and crime.

The Statistics can be Intimidating

  • It is estimated that there are between 143 million and 210 million orphans worldwide
  • Everyday an estimated 5,760 more children become orphans worldwide
  • Approximately 250,000 children are adopted annually
  • Each day an estimated 38,493 orphans "age out" of the orphanage system and are put on the streets with no family and no home
  • 10% to 15% of these children commit suicide before they reach 18 years old
  • All face highly challenging and uncertain futures without the support of a family

Can this Problem be Solved?

YES! It is our belief that there are millions of families around the world who would welcome a child into their home if they truly understood the nature of the crisis and if given the opportunity to simply meet some of these great kids first hand.  And while nobody can solve this problem alone, everyone can help ONE!

Please join Project 143 in our effort to help ONE.  Hosting an orphan for just 4 - 6 weeks can literally change their entire life...and yours!

Adoption is the Cure!

Here's an example of just ONE... and ONE more and ONE more...


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