Hosting Registration Instructions



Register to see the kids by tapping or clicking on any of the buttons that say "Register to See the Kids" or the pencil icon above. Upon successful completion of your registration (about 2 minutes), you will either receive a short code which you will use to unlock access to the P143 Hope Program Photolisting (kids photo gallery) or you will be contacted by a P143 representative (country specific). If your country allows, you can get to the photolisting by either clicking the link provided on the 'Successful Registration' notification or email confirmation that you will receive.


View the Photolisting

Some countries do not permit us to include their children in the photolisting. In these cases, you will move immediately to step 3. Otherwise, the P143 Photolisting (kids photo gallery) can be accessed via the shortcode provided after registration or within the confirmation email you receive. The P143 Photolisting can only be viewed by country. You can use the wish list heart icon above each child or sibling group to record the kids that you're interested in learning more about.


P143 Contact

If your country does not permit us to include their children in the photolisting, you will be contacted by a P143 representative. either select or identify a child or children that you are interested in hosting, contact P143 by clicking here.

Register to See the Kids!